| Creative Director / Writer

Eatovations & Think Flatizza

SXSW Installation & Digital Experience

In 2014, SUBWAY wanted to introduce the Flatizza – a flat-like pizza thing they called their "newest innovative product." And we were like, cool. Let's launch it alongside all the other newest innovative products of the year at SXSW.

So we built a tongue-in-cheek installation called Eatovations. At its center was Think Flatizza, a mind-controlled virtual tug-of-war game that pitted festival-goers against each other to see who could focus more brain power on our new product. In other words, who could stare at Flatizza longer to win a free slice.

A Taste of the Future
The experience also included some much, much dumber uses of that year's hottest trend: wearable technology.


Agency: 360i
Role: ACD/Lead Writer
Partner: Adam Gloo
Creative Team: Isabella Hiew & Benson Ngo
Game Designer: Masataka Kawano
Creative Technologist: Layne Harris
Group Creative Director: Mike Nuzzo