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Mom On

Mom On

Moms live in a world of constant judgment. No matter what they do, somebody has an opinion on how they're doing it all wrong. So when Yoplait asked us to reconnect their brand with Moms, we had to do more than make a TV commercial about yogurt. We had to become the brand that takes a stand for mom by shutting down the haters. So we told it like it is.

Agency: 72andSunny
Role: Senior Writer
Partner: Chena Stephenson
Group Creative Director: Justine Armour
Director: Nicole Holofcener, Bob Industries

Call 1-833-Mom-Tips
Seriously, it's a real number

We continued the brand's anti-mom judgment movement with a real hotline that deflects unwanted parenting advice. In its first week, the line received over 13,000 calls with an average call duration of 1.5 minutes. 

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Role: Lead Writer
Partner: Chena Stephenson
Creative Team: Shanie Black & David Cole
Creative Director: Tara Lawall
Group Creative Director: Justine Armour
Director: Ian Reichenthal, B Negative